The Problem Today

We are inherently confident in those areas in which we are most naturally competent. Our programs frame your natural competencies so you can see how and where they fit into rewarding careers. If there were just one thing to remember it's that college is but one of many tools for laying the foundation of your future.

Focus first on what drives you and then decide what tools will most powerfully get you there. Things can get a little more challenging once you are in college. Studies have shown that college students are significantly more likely to choose a major because an inspiring and caring college professor taught their first class in the subject. Sadly, negative experiences with a professor are just as likely to chase a student away from a given major.

You will enjoy far greater long-term success if you are engaged in work that fits your natural abilities, personality and temperament, and interests. Our programs are designed to put that concept to practical use.

This is MY future!

  • Focus on your natural abilities You are born with these characteristics. Fulfillment in your life depends on you using them to the best of your ability. We use the Highlands Ability Battery  to help you see what they are.
  • Ignite your enthusiasm by pursuing that in which you are interested and which fits your temperament, and personality. We use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory to help you understand your temperament and clarify your interests. Some of interests will evolve over your lifetime. Many will always be there. Interests ignite action that propels you to fulfillment in life.
  • Execute your plan. Nothing happens until you take action. While this part is up to you you're not alone. We're available to keep you on track.
  • Improve by reviewing your results. Sometimes you need a tweak and sometimes you might just want to reinvent yourself.

The Solution

Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat!

Up to this point in your life you have likely had relatively little say in your school life.  However you are rapidly approaching what is likely the biggest decision you have ever had to make.  Where should I go to college and in what should I major? You might feel as if you are casting the rest of your life in stone. At times you might find yourself wishing it would all go away.

Embrace the process with great care and effort. Use every tool at your disposal to make your best choices.



Accelerated Advantage helped me pursue the work I have always wanted to do. - Paul S. - 24 Year old art student

I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Thanks to Accelerated Advantage I came to see that in spite of my college degree I should be pursuing my first love of metal working. - Tom J. - College Graduate

Accelerated Advantage helped me understand why certain college classes have been so difficult for me even though I enjoy them and find them interesting. - Sara J - College Senior

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